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Last week I took a quick trip to Hawaii to visit my mom while she was recovering from surgery. If you are going to be in the hospital Honolulu is the place to be — wow the views from those rooms are stunning!  I was able to sneak away one evening to watch the sunset on Waikiki and I was left speechless by the gorgeous colors. I hope you enjoy them too.

Waikiki Beach Sunset

Longview Washington Newborn Photographer | Baby Róisín

My family is just getting ready to move to the Longview, Washington area and before we leave I was so happy to be able to squeeze in a newborn photography shoot with my friends’ gorgeous little girl Róisín.   Mom and Dad are both from Ireland and I was so pleased when I heard they had given their little girl a true Irish name.  If you are not familiar Róisín means “little Rose” and let me tell you, she fits her name perfectly.  I brought along a rose tieback for her session and hoped for the perfect photo and this sweetie did not disappoint – I was able to catch my very first newborn smile on camera!!!

Ladies and gents — let me introduce you to the sweetest Rose in the Pacific Northwest!


Dagmara - what a beautiful new baby girl photo session, well done Longview Washington Newborn Photographer!

haylie D photography - Oh my goodness, that image of her smiling is soooo cute!! Beautiful gallery, her parents will treasure these forever xx

sarah - what beautiful newborn portraits. These baby photographs will bring a lifetime of happiness to this family

Dianna - Loving this sweet newborn girl in her 1st photo session. Best of luck with your move.

Kelsey | Las Vegas Newborn Photographer - Such a precious little one xoxo

Amy Nguyen - Seriously, that squishy face smile… doesn’t get better than that! So adorable!

Kandi - What a beautiful baby and gorgeous family!! Your work is wonderful!!!

Reagan – Longview, Washington Newborn Photographer

Let me introduce you to little Miss Reagan.  This little pumpkin was one of my sweet newborn girls that I photographed in January and she was quite the feisty one as she probably only slept for about 3 minutes in our 3 hour session.  But those three minutes produced one of my favorite wide awake newborn shots ever, it’s the one that helped get me published in Lemonade and Lenses as well as Beyond the Wanderlust.  This was also one of my first sessions where I was able to use my new studio lighting – I just LOVE my lighting for when I go to a client’s house and they have limited natural light (which is pretty common in the Pacific Northwest in the winter).  Have you always wondered about studio lighting during a newborn session?  Click here to read my review on the online course I took to learn about studio lighting for newborns, children and maternity sessions or just go to the Milky Way’s site to signup – get on the VIP list to get early notice of the next Illuminate course!




Dagmara - What a cute wee baby girl making funny faces. Beautiful newborn photography, well done!

Nicolenjoli photography - such a sweet newborn photo session. great job!

sarah - What a beautiful newborn session – I love all the awake photos with her eyes looking right at the camera. what precious portraits

hannah - Oh my goodness! That shot of her awake with her little tongue sticking out is just so adorable and hilarious. These are gorgeous newborn portraits and you did a great job capturing how sweet the baby was even though she wasn’t the most cooperative :-)

Dara - Raegan is precious and what an amazing newborn photo session from Longview, Washington

Stephanie - Newborn Photographer - I love the equalibrium of bright eyed awak baby portraits and sleep adorable newborn photos. And of course the most important photograph of all: mom and baby newborn together :)

Ashley Vos - What an amazing newborn session! I love her bright eyes. Longview, WA is lucky to have you!!

Samantha Sinchek - What an adorable newborn girl! I am loving the last photo with her tongue sticking out! These are beautiful baby pictures from Longview Washington!

We’ve been featured in Beyond the Wanderlust | Longview Newborn Photographer

This post may sound familiar, and maybe the photo looks familiar as well — we’ve just learned that we’ve been featured as a Weekly Favorite in Beyond the Wanderlust!  This is a blog that was created for photographers seeking creativity and inspiration.  Their dream is to ignite passion in the modern photographer.

It is such an honor to know that my work inspires other photographers!


REVIEW: Illuminate from The Milky Way | Longview Newborn Photographer

I am SO excited to post a review for the Illuminate e-course by The Milky Way: A Resource for Photographers.  This is an online  workshop targeted toward newborn, maternity and children’s photographers that are beginners to studio lighting.  Since I specialize in newborn photography and at the time of the course didn’t own any studio lighting I was the perfect candidate for this 3 week e-course.

In the first few modules we went over what equipment would be needed for studio photography.  What I loved is that there were many different options presented — what were must have’s, nice-to-have’s and even some DIY options!  I never felt pressured into buying into just one system or brand and it was evident from the beginning that the course would teach me how to get professional results from both expensive equipment as well as entry level products.

The videos gave step-by-step instructions on how to setup your lighting to mimic natural light for the most beautiful photos.  They even included the same shots taken with both studio and natural window lighting to allow comparison.  Because of this I now feel so much more confident shooting in both lighting situations, making me much more prepared as I go to my client’s location for newborn shoots.

I was so overwhelmed with studio lighting before I took this course, I had no idea where to begin.  Strobes, continuous lighting, umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors — oh my gosh it all made my head spin.  But now I feel so confident, and I want you to feel the same way too.  If you want to learn about studio lighting this course can help you too.  I promise it’s not as complicated as you think!

Still on the fence?  Go checkout The Milky Way’s website and read reviews from others.  While you’re there you might as well get their free 2014 Yearly Planner, it’s awesome!


Saren - Love me some studio lighting! Love this before and after from your experience with the course – I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing :)

Dagmara - great work, I’ll be checking their course, thanks for sharing

Michelle - I love the way you are growing and moving towards perfection with your newborn photography. Longview Newborn Photography is striving to provide their clients with stunning and beautiful newborn portraits that the parents will cherish forever!! Great job with your new lighting skills!! Just beautiful results!!

Hannah Wehrheim - I’ve been thinking about that course for awhile- It’s great to hear another newborn photographer’s experience with it. Thanks for sharing.

Agnieszka TN - Thanks for the review Longview Newborn Photographer :)
Your newborn portraits are stunning! I can’t wait to see more work on your blog!

Snap Couture Photography - Such an amazing newborn photography session! I cannot stop laughing at the tongue – what a great picture to capture! New fan from NY!